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    • One on One Lightwork

      This is the alchemy space for me because words hold so much power!  I love opening space to expand into co-creation on one on one skype sessions. If you feel pulled to talk one one one, please contact me via email! 

    • Energy Healing

      My energy healing work is an intuitive practice of guiding you to find your way back home, to emotional and spiritual health. I offer in person evaluations of your auric field and very wide variety of healing therapies at an affordable exchange. 

    • Workshops and Live Events

      I have held many workshops, I not only offer workshops that are available online but would be open to coming to a location to hold live workshops. I am two hundred hour yoga teacher certified,  I am able to do private one on one yoga classes or group sessions. 

    •  Have you been reading some of my articles and feel within I could help piece together the puzzle on your divine path? If you feel this, I invite you to contact me with your question, I may not be able to answer it but I will most likely know in what direction to point you to.

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    • Read your Runes

      In this article we will try to learn about the Runes of the Elder Futhark, maybe the Oldest of the Runic Alphabets. I would advice you to read the list once, so that the meanings are attuned with the symbols deep in your subconscious. You can carve the Runes on small pieces of wood or crystals or of course you can always buy a new set of runes. Let your fantasy guide you 1 Fehu:

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    • The Soul Retrieval Practice to Bring You Out of Trauma & Back to Wholeness

      There I was feeling like the energy usually seated within my body, in other words my soul, was floating outside of my body. As I helplessly, watch everyone and everything moving in slow motion around me. Disoriented, this feeling that life is a virtual reality. I am remote viewing my environment by seemingly flying above my head, peering in at my own life, as it buzzes effortlessly around me.

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    • Equinox Eclipse Easter Portal

      Huge offerings are moving through me during this Equinox-Eclipse-Easter portal. A year ago I started writing what spirit had been telling me and from that all these beautiful people started following me and asking for services 1 on 1 coaching sessions and workshops. Back in September to help

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      Listen to the Voice Within

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      Advent Portal - The Time of Arrival and Rebirth

      Today was an uplifting day, a complete contrast in comparison to yesterday, I was feeling a bit defeated and frustrated at the end of the day. I felt like I wanted to fly away to a land where there were people who just wanted to play along side me. A place where being an adult still meant you could

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      Come Fly With Me

      I am opening a vulnerable place in me for the first time in a while... I have always been a dreamer, an optimist and a romantic in a world that often wants straight lines, cold-hard facts and constant quotas. Did you know that Depression affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or

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      Embodying the Divine

      Had a gorgeous ceremony today dressed as the blue madonna celebrating the Christ Grid in the cosmos on this sacred day, December the 8th. Many people think that God's will and their will are separate but since we are the children of all that is, this means we are all pieces of God. A drop of the

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      What is Coming at the End of This September?

      A lot of people lately have been talking about vivid prophecies coming this September. Everything from the return of Christ, perhaps to be preceded by the Anti-Christ. There has been talk of economic collapse, waves of energy from all dimensions sweeping across the planet at once, causing some

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      Messages from the Lion's Gate

      There was a huge influx of energy that came through around August eighth of this year. This portal has been called the triple eight portal or Lion’s Gate, if you haven’t heard the basic proponents to this star configuration, see my article that was release before and during the event by clicking

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      Why They Call Us Moon Women

      She was a woman who was intimately connected to the mysteries of the moon and in the mist, in the middle of the night, she would awaken, called once more to howl in her graceful prowess. In many ancient cultures women used to be synchronised with the moon. The moon's electromagnetic frequencies sync

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