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Today was an uplifting day, a complete contrast in comparison to yesterday, I was feeling a bit defeated and frustrated at the end of the day. I felt like I wanted to fly away to a land where there were people who just wanted to play along side me. A place where being an adult still meant you could have fun, which is often, I find, in short supply in this whole adulting thing. Luckily the universe has gifted an Earth angel in my life who has suffered more than most people could ever imagine, her wisdom from this suffering is always a cosmic mirror and cleansing perspective to my sometimes simple and detail skimming mind.

How do you stay so zen Jocelyn?

Well, more often than not, I am not thinking of anything at all but simply feeling a warm, fuzzy joy in my heart like the feeling when someone is holding you.

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But, this is mostly only the majority of the time, when I am alone but the dilemma is that my heart just wants to share that space with everyone on the planet!

My friend shows up to use the Multi-Wave Oscillator, gleaming in the New Zealand sun at a ripe 9am, entering with her magical basket of ascension and personal auric field maintenance tools, tucked away in a woven basket like little red riding hood off to see granny…

How are you beloved? Giggling, her eyes filled with joy.

Holding me close for a hug and kissing my cheek lightly.

“Yum, thank you kindred spirit”, I think to myself and quickly snap back to the stance I had been slothing around in since waking.

“I am discombobulated!”, I exclaim! I knew I didn’t have to tell her that, I still hadn’t brushed my hair, I was bare footed, bare-faced and was braless in lounge wear. Although I had managed to brush something aside, the majority of the house chores the night before! With all of the clues, there was no guessing in what state I had been in, I am an open book.

This is the friend that I had done this amazing ceremony with during the Christ Consciousness portal on Wednesday the 9th (NZ) and she had been elated since ceremony. Ironically, the two of us had two very different experiences and outcomes from the ceremony and it was very clear in this moment.12355195_10153874514354009_1567812619_n

She was elated talking about how she was still in the IAM presence we had created (I will start writing about our/my ceremonies more) she had been adorning herself with humble self pampering and deepening in integration ever since we left our altar. (pictured below)

At this altar we had created, she had a huge release and I had a huge elation, I felt my heart had been illuminated by God consciousness, by the love of the mother of Christ herself, Mary. I felt the way I think a woman should feel; tender, yielding, empowered and kind.

But today, I felt in witnessing and thinking about my current surroundings that I had been smothered. I felt like I was this light that had no current and immediate, reflection around me. I feel, pretty much always, that no matter what has happened to me or what will, I will always know and have the coping skills to live the majority of my life in happiness and with peace in my heart and that my “purpose” here on the planet is to spread this knowledge and create a path for true integration to others lives. But I felt frustrated because I felt no one could understand or integrate the “medicine” I had been offering!

I wrote a piece about this on Thursday HERE.

I felt like my job was just to make everyone happy from the joy and light that naturally emanates from my heart.

And here she was again, the reflection of this inner turmoil because ironically she was the light and I was the funk that I had been talking about. Of course, because there really is no other, the universe will always try to reveal this truth. What we see in another is really only pieces we have not integrated wholly. In my blustery mood, I whole heartedly said to her everything that I have written here.

The blessing that she is, she shared with me about the seven year cycles presented in this plane of existence and how I am approaching another shift in the gears of how spirit integrates and embodies itself physically on this planet. And OH Yes, I have been shifting gears.

She talked about how the true healer knows that there is no other. That Jesus used to see people in wholeness and just by being he could remind people of who they truly are and create miracles from sharing that embodiment. Once again, I was reminded that of course, that is why I am here. That is why so many of us are here isn’t it, to remember that the we would like the healing in others  because we want to return to wholeness within ourselves and mostly, just returning to knowing that we are whole in every moving moment.

As she sat of the oscillator, she invoked a mantra from a sacred text that is escaping me, a beautiful, lyrical bit of ascension poetry about how we are LIGHT! And I listened to her with the ferocious buzzing of the oscillator and slipped into a vibration induced download.

I just have to be, when I am in my center, I become like a mini solar system pulling into my gravitational field everything that is in resonance, in the same vibration or feeling with me. I do not need nor want or reach for anything because everything is me and in me now.  YES, I just have to be the light, the joy, the abundance, the empowerment, the safety.

I kneeled at her feet in gratitude, she was sitting on the oscillator still. I kneeled with sacred oils of lavender and frankincense, I unlatched her shoes and adorned the soles of her feet with these fragrances. I bowed to her, to the place where we were one being.

After this we both realised it was 11:11am, on the 11th day of Advent! HOLY, HOLY, HOLY! The day the wise men saw the beckon of light and started their travels with their divine gifts! The number one in angel numbers stands for the I AM, the fully realised Buddha, Bodhisattva or Christ consciousness, the pure knowing and illuminated heart and in that moment we had both embodied that presence. Absolutely deliciously divine and perfectly un-planned.

This feeling kept with me, radiating out of me the remainder of the day…

So much so, that the whole divine feminine within me; feeling seen, cherished and honored wanted to overflow to the percieved other!

11218487_827453967347519_2931677351993129341_n After eating at my favorite restaurant with high vibrational food along side the sweet Kevin, we went to pick  up my son Kane from school. Kevin had been managing all of the physical tasks for the day because, the  empath he is, he could feel I was overloaded in the morning and at this point in the day he was complete on energetic empty from taking care of everything.

I set Kane up with his favorite movie and some organic munchies and took Kevin’s hand…

I led him into our healing room and had him lay down on the QRS mat, the QRS mat speaks to your  electromagnetic body and I had put the setting on medium relax, he began to let the tension go.

I started my service of honoring and cherishing him.

Opening his heart with brushing circular motions on his chest, I pictured a channel of crystal light from  heaven flowing through my crown, overflowing over my heart and into my arms streaming and pulsing out of  the centers of my hands onto his chest.

I asked his etheric body for permission, then, I adorned his temples and third eye with  lavender and frankincense.

Systematically releasing the tension from his neck, rubbing his ears, his shoulders, calming the solar plexus, igniting the heart and sacral chakra, brushing the unwanted energy down his legs. Affirming he is safe, adoring the soles of his feet with oils and connecting to the Earth.  Nourishing and affirming.

By the end, he feel into a gentle sleep.

Blessed Bliss.

This is one of those days where I truly experienced how heaven can be actualised on Earth. Imagine if every being  came from this familiar place within. The heart unites us all.


***As a side note my friend also talked about the IMAGO therapy, I had never heard of it. It is a therapy for anyone who is wanting to clear Karma or pain cycles within any given relationship. 

When one person has an issue or concern that they want to bring up to their partner, one partner becomes the sender and the other becomes the receiver. The receiver holds space and consciously listens to the delivery and narrative of the sender. There are three parts of being a receiver: mirroring back what the sender has said, give the sender validation by saying what they are saying is making sense and most importantly to empathise with the senders wants wants. 

The sender will then use the IMAGO dialog which sounds like this, ” I am have been feeling (frustrated/sad/lonely/angry) when you do (action that is causing the pain). I would feel much better if you could do (whatever it is to make you feel better).”

Kevin and I used to do this at the beginning of the relationship, not this structure but just intuitive and I am excited to start integrating this therapy again if he is open to it. I think that it is so important to have open communication around what pains you and what satisfies your needs. The more we heal ourselves the more this code will be passed on to future generations. 

If you would like to see how an IMAGO conversation works CLICK HERE 🙂

With all of the love in my heart. We are one.

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