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Embodying the Divine

Had a gorgeous ceremony today dressed as the blue madonna celebrating the Christ Grid in the cosmos on this sacred day, December the 8th. Many people think that God's will and their will are separate but since we are the children of all that is, this means we are all pieces of God. A drop [...]

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What is Coming at the End of This September?

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A lot of people lately have been talking about vivid prophecies coming this September. Everything from the return of Christ, perhaps to be preceded by the Anti-Christ. There has been talk of economic collapse, waves of energy from all dimensions sweeping across the planet at once, causing some change. The dates [...]

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Messages from the Lion’s Gate

There was a huge influx of energy that came through around August eighth of this year. This portal has been called the triple eight portal or Lion’s Gate, if you haven’t heard the basic proponents to this star configuration, see my article that was release before and during the event by clicking here. This article [...]

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Why They Call Us Moon Women

She was a woman who was intimately connected to the mysteries of the moon and in the mist, in the middle of the night, she would awaken, called once more to howl in her graceful prowess. In many ancient cultures women used to be synchronised with the moon. The moon's electromagnetic frequencies sync with a [...]

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How to Let Anything or Anyone Completely Go

There are always two perspectives, two polar opposites in this dualistic universe and then like a scientific equation, there is a center where both of these seemingly completely different perspective merge into universal truth. Whether it be letting go of a person or a past experience, every single human being on this planet has experienced [...]

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Feel Like You Don’t Fit In? It is For a Reason.

Everyone who I have ever talked to or who I attract along my walk (including me), has had a period in their lives where they have felt like the odd wo-man out. Maybe that moment for you is now. You feel like the black sheep, like you are strange or bizarre. There is a loneliness [...]

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Everytime I have been watching television or watching/reading something online lately I have been stopping myself to ask, “Is this worth me directing my energy and attention towards?” Your attention is so precious. Your time is so value-able, so is your attention. Why else would major companies spend so much money on advertising? When you choose to place your attention on someone else’s creation whether it be a tv show, a movie, a book and/or any other activity that isn’t expanding your consciousness or helping support a process for you, you are actually sapping away energy that could be driving your passion and purpose here on this planet. You have a unique frequency this world needs and you have the choice where to direct that power of creation!

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Will You Step Through This Rare Planetary Portal?

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Click Here to Pay for a Ticket Email into the Event Upon reading that the Earth starting to go through it’s sixth mass extinction from a Harvard University study, I began immediately to pray to the Universe to Gaia. If it is meant to be then of course let all of [...]

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