Listen to the Voice Within

Last night, I had this buzz. It was very electric feeling and pulsing through my body, almost like when you bite metal when you have fillings. I didn't sleep until 3:30 to 4am in the morning. When I woke, it was a foggy morning and my head felt foggy as well. I could [...]

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Come Fly With Me

I am opening a vulnerable place in me for the first time in a while... I have always been a dreamer, an optimist and a romantic in a world that often wants straight lines, cold-hard facts and constant quotas. Did you know that Depression affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of [...]

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Embodying the Divine

Had a gorgeous ceremony today dressed as the blue madonna celebrating the Christ Grid in the cosmos on this sacred day, December the 8th. Many people think that God's will and their will are separate but since we are the children of all that is, this means we are all pieces of God. A drop [...]

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