My Experience With Astral Travel

I completely astral travelled tonight for the first time ever. I have had mini-experiences and maybe two grand experiences like this before in my life. When I was from the age of seventeen to until about twenty-four I used to have out of body experiences where I would spontaneously leave my body in different situations. [...]

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How to Make Your Moon Time Feel Amazing

The full moon has come and gone; fiery, luscious and rewarding for me! In fact in seeing it's face with some of my closest sisters in the hills of New Zealand, I stood howling into the cold air up at the bright white moon mother, exhilarating to feel the wolf mama inside emerge once again! [...]

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Messages from Mercury in Retrograde

I am up where the angels are... Many of my friends and family are going through intense times right now. I have seemed to surpass this influence as if soaring high in the clouds... To me it has a lot to do with the energy of Mercury Retrograde. For most people this is a dreaded [...]

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Gathering in the Goddess Circle

Photo by: Photographer Miina Anahita WARNING: This is not for the woman that still has a layer of armour around her heart. This is for the goddesses. I have read so many articles and poems glorifying the dark, mysterious mystic woman. With lines like, " Don't date a mystic." And yes to many it will resonate [...]

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Cello Channeling Ceremony at Castle Hill

I went on a spirit journey the day of the full moon in Scorpio. First stopping at Cave Stream to collect water from the overflowing source to do full moon alchemy. Then to the main Marae of Castle Hill with friends and an amazing cellist, where I channeled and sang songs from the Earth at [...]

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How I Developed My ExtraSensory Perception

Lately, I have had several people ask me how I have developed certain extrasensory skills. My answer is always my development has been from birth. I think the biggest facilitator has always been was my imagination and in saying this, there have been so many times in my life that I thought I was just [...]

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To the Women Who Bled with the Blood Moon

So there I was, looking at the full blood moon eclipse in all it’s glory, starting my moon cycle in unison with this astronomical event, I couldn’t help to think, “What does it all mean?” Have you ever heard of that phrase ask and you shall receive, well ladies (and possibly gentlemen) receive I did. [...]

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Unexpected Adventures

Have you had a rewarding experience from dropping your schedule and just following your heart? Monday I dropped off my partner to his acupuncture appointment. Kevin and I only have one car, so Kane and I would have to wait for an hour. Usually we would stay there reading or playing games on my phone [...]

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Blood Moon Breakthroughs

I am sharing this in complete transparency to hopefully help: Upon moving to New Zealand I have had some major awakenings, last blood moon I asked reflecting-into-my-reflection of an obsidian glass pyramid, for my shadow to be revealed. I asked to heal all of the places within me that were still residing in the void. [...]

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Children are our Living Past

Kane (my six year-old) and I went to the beach tonight together as the sun was going down. I sat and watched him laugh and run away from the ocean waves as if it was a playmate trying to catch him as they played tag. He is the embodiment of being fully in the moment, [...]

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