Late Night Confession

A little birdie told me that the man I was with for almost four years before the love I am with now is engaged and pregnant with their first child. I am here to confess. Waiting in silence expecting me to be surprised, to be shattered; instead I broke into a sincere smile. The person [...]

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The Siren

I am going to release a tumultuous secret: I used to be a siren. An unsuspected vampiress. You know the old greek myth of the beautiful mer-woman laying on the rocks, singing so beautifully and temptingly; luring men to their soggy demise. On the side, the blood sucking energy vampire type. YUP. That was me. [...]

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I am here to admit that I am a high school drop out. I used to feel shameful or guilty for being different, for not fitting into the mold of the typical "good kid" in grade and high school. School never made sense to me and the information seemed irrelevant to the reality I was [...]

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The Healing Power of Moon Blood

This is a very open and vulnerable share for me because of what society has turned this into but I feel it is necessary. At Luminate Festival about a day or two in after sleeping on the ground and being away from electronic electromagnetic currents synchronising under the light of the full moon; I received [...]

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So many people focus on becoming famous or making something unique to remembered by. It is a struggle and striving to be loved. They are so focused on how to make people remember them, that they miss the point of why people are remembered in the first place. People remember other people because they are [...]

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6 Lessons from 2014

At the end of 2013, I had just left a four year long relationship. The relationship had given me what I hadn't had in years, dependability. Before being in that relationship, I had been in an abusive relationship for three years. I was a run away hopping from house to house in New York City ...

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Prayers Needed

There it was my rainbow bridge, this appeared on a magic night the sun was setting on the hill and against a dark cloud sky appeared a halo over the town of Lyttleton, NZ. I looked at it and asked to step through the portal, the ancients say it is an entrance and right of passage to another reality.

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Why I AM Both Science and Spirit

When I was little I used to love science with a burning passion. If you called my name you could always find me laying around with my nose deep in a biology, astronomy or anatomy book. If I wasn’t there I was watching some nature documentary or maybe just outside trying to be an actual scientist studying nature. I wanted to be an archeologist...

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