Earth’s Toroidial Feild

Scientist say that the Earth’s geomagnetic field or toroidal field is breaking down. This electromagnetic field reflects interactions between solar wind/radiation and the Earth's atmosphere. It is a protective shield from the Sun’s radiation and the beating heart of the Earth’s well being. I think that if you look into nature everything starts to make [...]

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The smallest form of matter is energy and vibration, all of physical life is an echo of this substance. If you would look at Electroencephalography, the study of your brain waves; you would see that the mind mirrors the smallest matter and particles in that it communicates with our body through waves and frequencies. To [...]

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Just Do It!

Thoughts for the day...Have you ever looked at the successes of others and thought to yourself, "I wish I could do that" and then get discourage comparing yourself to the other person, making up reasons why you are not that person and then become exhausted by thinking how to override your current reality to become [...]

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New Moon Visions About The Aquarian Age

Once again the New Moon approaches and I see all of us-the collective, crawling away hiding in the shadows of the mind, the quiet contemplative restorative space of reflection. The Moon time whispers it is time to face the shadow aspects of our own nature, that we can pass through and emerge into light whole-as [...]

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