Why They Call Us Moon Women

She was a woman who was intimately connected to the mysteries of the moon and in the mist, in the middle of the night, she would awaken, called once more to howl in her graceful prowess. In many ancient cultures women used to be synchronised with the moon. The moon's electromagnetic frequencies sync with a [...]

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Will You Step Through This Rare Planetary Portal?

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Click Here to Pay for a Ticket Email into the Event Upon reading that the Earth starting to go through it’s sixth mass extinction from a Harvard University study, I began immediately to pray to the Universe to Gaia. If it is meant to be then of course let all of [...]

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The Releasing Ritual To Light Up Your New Moon

The New Moon is amongst us again, bringing in the magic of void that is so full of possibility! The emptying and realignment (sometimes through chaotic circumstances) to make you completely surrender! Can you feel it? I am going to share with you a sacred releasing ritual that has been brought to life from the [...]

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