What is Coming at the End of This September?

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A lot of people lately have been talking about vivid prophecies coming this September. Everything from the return of Christ, perhaps to be preceded by the Anti-Christ. There has been talk of economic collapse, waves of energy from all dimensions sweeping across the planet at once, causing some change. The dates [...]

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Messages from the Lion’s Gate

There was a huge influx of energy that came through around August eighth of this year. This portal has been called the triple eight portal or Lion’s Gate, if you haven’t heard the basic proponents to this star configuration, see my article that was release before and during the event by clicking here. This article [...]

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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

If you have opened to read these words, I completely bow and honor you, who feel the world with their heart first and then the mind. This is an integration and collaboration for the new world and fifth dimensional reality to arise. I see you, I feel you and I am so excited you are [...]

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Releasing Ceremony

T R A N S F O R M A T I O N Sacred spaces and ceremonial fire tonight for my smudgesticks and soul. Ebb and Flow, Inhale and Exhale Tonight was devoted to the exhale, the release and emptying of all the old, to burn away, to bury, allowing the earth to become [...]

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The Foundational Knowledge to Spiritual Alchemy

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Just within the last couple of decades or so has science been able to explain and piece together what ancient civilizations have being saying for thousands of years. For example, the computer age finally being able to replicate the holographic nature within patterns called fractals. These ancient cultures providing symbols so [...]

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