Messages From The Pleiades

I am crying. The thought in my mesmerised mind at this moment is, “When you are receiving messages from stars, from angelic beings light years away, sometimes information can seem to travel so entirely slow in this reality, just to finally all make sense in one instant.” It has taken me a little over a [...]

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“Rarely do people experience the purest form of love from the center of their soul. The more frequent of events, people fall in love with the potentiality of what they think another person can give them. Loving to give is a rarity among a world of loving to get. This is the difference between true love and lust. That is why when you are truly in love, the feeling is always that you want to give the person you love everything. The heart center only knows of giving because when we love, we are filled with the essence of life! This essence tells us we are powerful enough to create life and so we then expand naturally in the energy of giving.”

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“Your vibration and true gifts you have to share with the world become less potent when you focus on what others think of you or what they will think if you share your true essence. Anytime that the thought “What Will They Think” comes into your mind it is an allowance or a permission within your spirit to give away power of your unique essence to another, if you choose to do so. The moment that you choose instead, to follow your true heart calling and bypass the thought of how others will perceive it, divine creator essence will flow through you to facilitate your specific calling on this planet.”

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The Earth is shifting. Not just metaphysically but magnetically. Can you feel it? I have been mirroring the patterns of the Earth, wanting to release old patterns, shift and realign. I have notice the quickening the ancients have spoke about for thousands of years. It is time to take notice to the resonance we are at in any given moment, by being mindful of our emotional state we can calibrate to the shift happening throughout the cosmos. We are one.”

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The Siren

I am going to release a tumultuous secret: I used to be a siren. An unsuspected vampiress. You know the old greek myth of the beautiful mer-woman laying on the rocks, singing so beautifully and temptingly; luring men to their soggy demise. On the side, the blood sucking energy vampire type. YUP. That was me. [...]

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We are Forever Young

That is what our culture calls it when someone who was seemly “normal” breaks out of the typical adult mold and sprints back to the spirit of when they were teenagers.

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