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This global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952 but was used before it’s discovery through mathematics by scientist Nikola Tesla.

Schumann resonances occur because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere, the ionosphere is the layer of the earth’s atmosphere that contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons and is able to reflect radio waves. It lies above the mesosphere and extends from about 50 to 600 miles (80 to 1,000 km) above the earth’s surface. Just to give you an idea or reference point. On average planes fly at 12 km or 7.5 miles in the air!

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Imagine the ionosphere as a huge resonant cavity, like a steel drum! Each time that the sun ejects solar energy the waves hit and interact with the ozone layer charging and changing the natural or the resonance of the ionosphere. Just like a mallet hitting the drum, the bigger the force from the ejection the bigger the wave in the ionosphere.

The Schumann resonances are oscillating magnetic frequencies that happen in the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. Called the Earth’s “heartbeat”, it has been assumed that the Earth, along with all living things on earth, is surrounded and protected with this natural frequency of pulsation of 7.83 HZ. The ancient Indian Rishis called this sound, OM. The harmonic form of the torus which can be seen in all electromagnetic fields some examples would be the fields around the Earth, the human heart and the entire human body, even the theory of how galaxy works.

My theory is that the ozone layer is the physical manifestation of the unseen plasma and radiative forces that create our ionosphere. This would be similar to the way the electrical impulses of the nervous system control the actions of the body or the grid that is the meridian channels creating the matrix for the entire body to be built in the womb.

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Frequency is the first building block to the physical realm, it literally vibrates everything we see into existence. We only have to look to the study of cymatics to see the evidence right before our eyes! Just like in the body first there is an emotion or thought, then this impulse is created into action to make a physical reaction. All of life even on an atomic scale is full of movement, wave and particles dancing and weaving to varying vibrations.

For almost 55 years, the Earth’s averaging frequency has been around 7.8 Hz with fluctuations up to 30 Hz. But for the first time in history over Easter weekend 2017 it ramped up to 90 Hz. Science is showing that when the ionosphere changes it can affect human brain wave activity. There are studies specifically focused on the potency of select areas around the planet that hold these frequencies in a steadier, stronger and higher capacity. These locations hold the vibration of 7.83 Hz and through a field test with multiple instruments called the Sedona Experiment have found that humans have an easier time synchronising their brainwaves with that of the location in these areas. 7.83 Hz in brainwave activity is an Alpha Theta state which is a state of deep relaxation and meditation.

(If you would like a summary, skip passed this description for my definitions of the spectrum of brainwaves)


Below is a brief description of each brainwave state, but a more in-depth understanding can be derived from the book “Getting Started with Neurofeedback.”

Gamma Waves

These are involved in higher processing tasks as well as cognitive functioning. Gamma waves are important for learning, memory and information processing. It is thought that the 40 Hz gamma wave is important for the binding of our senses in regards to perception and are involved in learning new material. It has been found that individuals who are mentally challenged and have learning disabilities tend to have lower gamma activity than average.

  • Frequency range: 40 Hz to 100 Hz (Highest)
  • Too much: Anxiety, high arousal, stress
  • Too little: ADHD, depression, learning disabilities
  • Optimal: Binding senses, cognition, information processing, learning, perception, REM sleep
  • Increase gamma waves: Meditation

Beta Waves

These are known as high frequency low amplitude brain waves that are commonly observed while we are awake. They are involved in conscious thought, logical thinking, and tend to have a stimulating affect. Having the right amount of beta waves allows us to focus and complete school or work-based tasks easily. Having too much beta may lead to us experiencing excessive stress and/or anxiety. The higher beta frequencies are associated with high levels of arousal. When you drink caffeine or have another stimulant, your beta activity will naturally increase. Think of these as being very fast brain waves that most people exhibit throughout the day in order to complete conscious tasks such as: critical thinking, writing, reading, and socialization.

  • Frequency range: 12 Hz to 40 Hz (High)
  • Too much: Adrenaline, anxiety, high arousal, inability to relax, stress
  • Too little: ADHD, daydreaming, depression, poor cognition
  • Optimal: Conscious focus, memory, problem solving
  • Increase beta waves: Coffee, energy drinks, various stimulants

Alpha Waves

This frequency range bridges the gap between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. In other words, alpha is the frequency range between beta and theta. It helps us calm down when necessary and promotes feelings of deep relaxation. If we become stressed, a phenomenon called “alpha blocking” may occur which involves excessive beta activity and very little alpha. Essentially the beta waves “block” out the production of alpha because we become too aroused.

  • Frequency range: 8 Hz to 12 Hz (Moderate)
  • Too much: Daydreaming, inability to focus, too relaxed
  • Too little: Anxiety, high stress, insomnia, OCD
  • Optimal: Relaxation
  • Increase alpha waves: Alcohol, marijuana, relaxants, some antidepressants

Theta Waves

This particular frequency range is involved in daydreaming and sleep. Theta waves are connected to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions. Too much theta activity may make people prone to bouts of depression and may make them “highly suggestible” based on the fact that they are in a deeply relaxed, semi-hypnotic state. Theta has its benefits of helping improve our intuition, creativity, and makes us feel more natural. It is also involved in restorative sleep. As long as theta isn’t produced in excess during our waking hours, it is a very helpful brain wave range.

  • Frequency range: 4 Hz to 8 Hz (Slow)
  • Too much: ADHD, depression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness
  • Too little: Anxiety, poor emotional awareness, stress
  • Optimal: Creativity, emotional connection, intuition, relaxation
  • Increase theta waves: Depressants

Delta Waves

These are the slowest recorded brain waves in human beings. They are found most often in infants as well as young children. As we age, we tend to produce less delta even during deep sleep. They are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. They have also been found to be involved in unconscious bodily functions such as regulating heart beat and digestion. Adequate production of delta waves helps us feel completely rejuvenated after we wake up from a good night’s sleep. If there is abnormal delta activity, an individual may experience learning disabilities or have difficulties maintaining conscious awareness (such as in cases of brain injuries).

  • Frequency range: 0 Hz to 4 Hz (Slowest)
  • Too much: Brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, severe ADHD
  • Too little: Inability to rejuvenate body, inability to revitalize the brain, poor sleep
  • Optimal: Immune system, natural healing, restorative / deep sleep
  • Increase delta waves: Depressants, sleep


A quick summary of different brainwave states:

Delta (0.5-4Hz) — The Deep Sleep Wave

The Delta frequency is the slowest of the frequencies and is experienced in deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep, transcendental meditation where awareness is fully detached.

Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind, and the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level.

Theta (4-7.5Hz) — The Gateway to the Dream Realm Wave

Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep, including the all-important REM dream state. It is the realm of your subconsciousness and only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake from deep sleep (from Delta).

It is said that a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe can be experienced at Theta.

It is at the Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, where the optimal range for visualization, mind programming and using the creative power of your mind begins. It’s the mental state which you consciously create your reality.

Alpha (7.5-14Hz) — The Deep Relaxation Wave

Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation and usually when the eyes are closed, when you’re slipping into a lovely daydream or during visualisation and light meditation.

It is the gateway to your subconscious mind and lies at the base of your conscious awareness. The voice of Alpha is your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the closer you get to 7.5Hz.

Beta (14-40Hz) — The Waking Consciousness, Stress Response and Reasoning Wave

Beta brain waves are important for effective functioning throughout the day, they also can translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness.

Gamma (above 40Hz) – The Insight Wave

This range is the most recently discovered and is the fastest frequency at above 40Hz. While little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

So What Does This Mean in Everyday Life?

Although frequency in our atmosphere and in our brain are different in their nature and in their constitution. With the select spikes in Schumann’s Resonance, If we would compare or synchronise this frequency with our brainwaves, it would be measured as a Gamma brainwave.

Gamma brain waves are the fastest brainwave frequency with the smallest amplitude. They are associated with the “feeling of blessings” reported by experienced meditators such as monks and nuns, and with peak concentration and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning.

This means that every single person with these spikes has an easier access to this type of elevated state, the most opportunity in recorded history! But there is also another catch to all of this talk of the easy road to enlightenment.

If what we focus on amplifies and the electromagnetic potential of our planet’s ionosphere is increasing in its vibratory state, it is more important than ever to pay attention your inner realm.

Just like vibration creates our visible universe, frequency rattling physical matter into existence, your thoughts and emotions create your reality. Whatever you focus on will be amplified.

So the question is, what are you focusing on?

Not only what are you focusing on but the wisdom to understand when you have a sensitivity to these frequencies, to even enter Gamma wave length we have to go through the Beta wave length spectrum. Meaning that there you could be more sensitive to an awareness the Beta wave energy making you feel that something is “wrong” or like you are in trouble. In other words you will feel on high alert before being able to reach the higher states!

Not only that but because Gamma brainwaves bring about more consciousness, these frequencies will make you feel more sensitive to either spectrums of emotions whether negative or positive because they are giving you a broader perspective of your own thought process and naturally the emotions that result from them. If you already feel deeply you will most likely feel even deeper.

This is where I need fellow lightworkers to be deliberate and impeccable with transformative energy, not with the ability to avoid negative emotions or thought pattern but the wisdom to know how to transform and alchemise their inner reality to the highest expression of love, forgiveness, compassion and soon bliss, joy and liberation.

We have the capacity to transform our inner space to help heal and transform this world as well! With this knowledge in mind I would be honored if you would join the next predicted surge of this energy for August 8th, 2017 to combine our focus to help shift humanity. Read more about this event and Click Here to join The Lunar Eclipse Lionsgate Event, to help in contributing your conscious effort to planetary ascension!


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