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There are always two perspectives, two polar opposites in this dualistic universe and then like a scientific equation, there is a center where both of these seemingly completely different perspective merge into universal truth. Whether it be letting go of a person or a past experience, every single human being on this planet has experienced the feeling of loss and the consequences of expectation, of attachment. So to say that learning to let go was a necessity in life would be quite the understatement! I will be providing steps below that are not just a theory in my life but tried and tested experiences of living so raw yet gentle with myself, to be able to repeatedly free myself from situations that would otherwise burden and stifle my pure experience of happiness.

The best way to blast through one of the heaviest subjects on the planet is by making it easily understandable. I will go into how I picture the emotional components and how I visualise the energy process in your body when you lose something or someone precious to your heart.

When you have something that you love or are really fond of, without you even realise it, you are exchanging energy. Even if it is just an event in time, you have spent precious energy in that place and received the energy back. If you do not consciously move your attention and energy forward you begin to deficit in energy. When you entangle with someone, something or some place else, there is an illusion of perception when that object leaves your physical presence that you are incomplete, that you are without it.

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And this fear is at the center of all of our being, the fear that you will lose the one truth in the entirety of the universe. This idea leaves emotional and spiritual hole within people. The truth is you have not lost anything but an idea or perspective and to say you have lost a piece of you although many of us have felt this is no where near the truth. This is awesome news for anyone who is ready to throw the burden of unworthiness of love off their hearts. See, It took you the observer and you the being experiencing the love in the first place. You allowed the chemical processes within to even feel and expand this energetic connect with this person, place or thing. You are the observer that gave the permission in the first place to experience the feeling of love and interconnect.

So this was the question that arose from what I believe to be spirit to break through the pain of my heart, “Do you need a person, place, or thing to be able to access that feeling of love yourself?”

The answer ultimately for me was such a joyous, (and if you are open to receiving it) …NO!

Even beyond that, even more so than that, is that the entire universe and all of it possibilities and potential lay inside of you. The centering truth in the entire universe in my opinion; not only are we love but when we love it activates the one truth of all, that we are all interconnected. That is why when you feel love in a situation, you want to share yourself and expand outside of yourself to others, sometimes to one intimate, special person in that moment in time.

This is reason that every sentient being in the universe is expanding through reproducing. If life is not creating a fractal of itself through reproduction, than life is imploding on itself to recreate itself once again through death! SO AMAZING! This is the reason that the resonance of love is so powerful, it can neither be created nor destroyed because it is the creator and destroyer in the most neutral and all encompassing properties that exists! It is the one truth.

This is why you must let go of the past because life is suppose to be ever expanding and if you feel like you are closing in, that you are imploding from a silent energy starved death in your heart. Letting go will allow new fertile ground to grow the seed of ecstasy and joy once again.

Once you know that everything you could ever want to experience is already inside of you, in this moment right now. No one can ever take that from you, you can share that feeling with others but you are not dependant on them giving you permission to experience that which your heart and soul longs for!

Here are three techniques I have used to help lead me back to my center:

  1. Think about that for a few seconds…What would you feel like if everything you ever wanted was already inside you. You already had it? Close your eyes, Feel your heart start to open, your shoulders relax and say to yourself I AM all there is.
  2. Some people need the mental process more than the visual process. Ask yourself with a vulnerability and openness: “What did this person, place or thing give me that I don’t have now?” If you TRULY feel like you do not have what this person gave you perhaps considering that this is a deeper invitation by and through the universe as to why you are not allowing yourself to feel or experience what this person place or thing entitled you to do. Everything around you is a mirror of your inner processes.
  3. You can also use ritual to assist you,I have shared two releasing rituals,one for relationships and for anything in general,  that you can use to mental and emotional cut neural connections to the experience, person or thing. This will help you start new.

You are so entirely perfect, I am not talking about what society has made to look perfect. The perfection I am speaking of is because you have the ability to love and since love is the center of all laws in the entire universe, you beautiful child of cosmic conscious are already filled with abundance the heart burst to be able to express, if you just know and keep let go. You are free <3

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