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The full moon has come and gone; fiery, luscious and rewarding for me! In fact in seeing it’s face with some of my closest sisters in the hills of New Zealand, I stood howling into the cold air up at the bright white moon mother, exhilarating to feel the wolf mama inside emerge once again! The wolf in each women coming to stand within their pack yet able to stand alone soft yet strong.

I have started to bleed. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO MY SPIRIT! I want my earthen sisters to be able to share this joy with me!

But alas, many women dread their red-cycle, they have in common painful experiences, menstrual issues that are shrugged off or drugged out by modern society; every woman (an most likely male counterpart) knows the ones: cramping, headaches, fatigue and moodiness. Even some women with symptoms such as passing out and pain so severe, they have visited a hospital out of concern. To me, my moon time feels cleansing, refreshing and a time where I can hear the messages straight and directly from source but it wasn’t always this way. I used to have these same symptoms of all of these women who are suffering, everything from severe pain that would radiate into my back, feeling like I was going to “blackout”, severe migraines, emotional breakdowns, extreme fatigue and even at one point before my transformation, my period disappeared for three months.

GARD Pro Not Registered

I feel women have been disconnected from their inner wisdom and emotional, intuitive center. In a man’s world, women are expected, without a bat of and eye, to preform like men and although this is not to say we can not both excel in any one given area, we are completely different biologically. With disconnection from our biological messengers (our hormones) for example being on birth control, our bodies are being told a completely different message from what the Earth and all of creation, would like to channel through us. Not to mention as a side note, when on birth control or synthetic hormones, we are attracted to different people that normally would not be a good genetic match for us, yicks! Trying to find your twin flame on the pill is like a moth flying into a flame instead being gently guided by the light of the moon! Another diversion being, women have all had a history of emotional isolation because of their bleeding, operating in a blind society completely unaware of the monthly seasonal shifts within a women’s intuitive process. That’s right, a woman goes through the equivalent of a whole year of seasons, within one month. This one will have to be explained in greater detail another time.

Wisdom of the women’s biological and spiritual gifts were taught by an oral tradition passed from wise women-elders in safe spaces where women collected monthly when and where they bled together. When the world became more separated, the silent teachings shared in secret safe places nearly vanished. The extinction of true women’s connection with her community became the near wipe-out to her inner knowledge and soul’s compass. For hundred’s of years, we weren’t given the time, truest knowledge or community connection to be allowed to explore our most intimate gift on this planet. But our time is returning and I am here to hold circle with the women once again to remind them of what they must do to receive their center within every woman on the planet.

Learn More About Your Moon Cycle 

A woman’s body and internal mechanisms mirror the Earth’s and all of nature. Find out more about your menstrual cycle like the cycling of the seasons. Each week in a month symbolises a different season, not only this but it also follows the movements and phases of the moon. I will be writing an article about all of this soon so keep an eye out! You can also look up various sources online as well in the meantime. There is also a great app that will help you understand your moon cycle and get in touch with when you bleed called MyMoonTime. This tracker app not only helps guide you to find your bleeding cycle but also shows you your hypothetical fertility or ovulation time and also your lunar fertility. Which is based around the idea that we because available to become pregnant around the day of the month we entered this world. It also has a great journal feature to record your personal thoughts and a mantra for that specific moon cycle to help you understand the energy each part of your moon cycle.

Ask, “What Bothers Me Before I Bleed?”

We have all heard that phrase or at least something like this, ” That’s just (her/my) hormones talking, (she/I)  am PMSing!” First of all what a terrible name PMSing (Premenstrual Syndrome) How can the entire population of woman on the planet have a syndrome that happens once a month? Would that make it a normal occurrence? Anyways, back to the subject, while your hormones during this time do amplify your feeling, that does not mean what you are feeling is completely negatable or to be shrugged off by the person you are expressing such feelings to. You experience these magnifications of your emotions because you are moving into a more sensitive time and areas in your life that you have just let pass previous to this time you are looking to heal and cleanse just as your womb is cleansing and healing. It is a preparation and exertion of raw life energy to make sure the space around you when you bleed is safe and stable. The more “threats” in your environment the more “triggered” or irritated you will become.  The more overloaded or self sacrificial you have been or are forced to be over this time the more reactive. Therefore, it is important to take notice of what bothers you and instead of bursting in anger or sadness, look mindfully in silence if possible, and try to communicate what is needed to those around you to offer a safe balanced space. If you can not collect yourself or view these thoughts rationally at this time, the outburst can feel healing to you but make sure to try to explain the energy period and process to your counterpart. This will help ease the process and diffuse the tension over time the more communication and understanding is opened up.

Ask for Emotional Healing

Many woman who experience painful and heavy menstrual symptoms one of the reasons, is because it is a physical manifestation of harboured emotions. The womb space is a place of creation, it is also metaphysically and physically where we connect with the world and the ones we will allow the closest to us. The womb has been said to harbour feelings of guilt, shame, and sadness. I have also noticed woman who do not think they are good enough and therefore are trying to birth a new self, experience heavy bleeding and terrible menstrual symptoms. The best way to heal this emotional and physical pain is forgiveness and unconditional love of yourself and others. Sometimes easier said than done but hopefully offering this information to some women will be the key to opening the door to their womb healing. To be even more direct, intention always brings fruition and resolution through manifestation. So blessed goddess, ask for your clearing, ask for your healing and it will come, surely with time.

Remove Estrogen Dominance 

A big contributor to Premenstrual Syndrome or terrible period pains and symptoms is Estrogen dominance. Estrogen is one of the main women’s hormones that, when in balance, is a masterful creator for life within the body. When out of balance it tells our body to create unnecessary tissue growth such as ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer or breast cancer, all of these conditions have been linked to female cancers. Estrogen dominance has also been the fuel to the fire that cause Premenstrual symptoms that are so severe!

The easiest way to lower your chances of having these types of cancer and eliminate your PMS symptoms is by limiting or eliminating:

  • Birth control and Synthetic hormones – Hormone replacement as well as birth control from the pharmaceutical companies are full of toxic bi-products that your liver has to process, not only specifically confusing your nature hormones but bogging down the livers ability to sort through toxins!
  • Meat, Dairy, Soy, Processed Sugars and Fats – Non-organic meats and cheeses use synthetic hormones and will be sending your body mixed messages! Processed sugars and fat spike your insulin stress your liver and again clog the process that would allow your body to get rid of toxins via the liver! DO EAT MORE: Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale and cauliflower these specifically clear Estogens, beets, aged citrus peel or juice lemon/lime, wild yam, and chamomile tea, just to name a few.
  • Chemical Skincare, look for organic make-up and hygiene products -If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your body, your pores absorb more than your intestinal lining do!
  • Plastic products or products that contain BPA – These are called xeno-estrogens and the mimic biological estrogens in the body to go in a cause imbalances and potentially cancer.

Want to know more about Estrogen Dominance?

Watch David’s Wolfe’s Seminar at The Longevity Now Conference 

Remove Artificial Light From Your Bedroom

Women in ancient times used to bleed in unison with different energy cycles of the moon by que of the electromagnetics of the Moon and Earth. These days we are surrounded by false electromagnetic frequencies via technologies. That is why it is important to have your room be as technology free at night time as possible. My advise is to leave all electronic devices outside your bedroom or if you must turn them off at night. If you need an alarm for the morning, turn your phone on airplane mode this will lessen the radiation and electromagnetic fingerprint. Also try to make your room as dark as possible with the exception being the light of the moon. A night light can be supplemented on the nights when the moon is fullest. This will give your body hormonal ques needed for your cycle to naturally sync in with nature.

Think of Your Blood Having Magical Properties

You blood is pure magic it is the Yin to the Yang of actually creating a life here on this planet and therefore carries the properties of creating life! The blood from your womb during this time would have been the placenta, the food and protective pouch for a baby therefore it contains an amazing amount of stem cells and has been known for thousands of years to have healing properties. “Scientists in Japan have discovered that cells taken from menstrual blood can be cultivated in the lab and used like stem cells to repair damaged heart tissue…Stem cells can be used to repair damaged tissue because they have the potential to become any cell in the body.” – MNT

Blood is a form of Earth energy itself and has the same color as the root chakra for a reason. You blood holds energy of creation and is a beautiful conduit for manifestation says women such as Marguerite Rigoglioso and Susun Weed. With a powerful request such as this, “Women should pour their blood onto the earth at this time, with the stated intention of calling the energies of the goddesses and helpful ancestors to the planet to end violence and effect the healing of all the who would perpetrate violent acts and all who are suffering as a result of violence.” -Marguerite Rigoglioso 

To read more about this magic, click on her letter to the bleeding women of the world.

Connect With The Earth, Become A Channel

Your vaginal cannel is more than just a place where we conceive, make love with our partners or give birth but it is also a physical channel to connect with the grand mother Earth. Many ancient women direct to go during this time and sit on the Earth, clothed or unclothed. Going to sit in meditation, this receptive practice was once held in the red tent for women to receive messages from God or source.

Flow With The Restorative and Restful Energy

When I talk about my moon time being amazing, it is not like the energy of when I am ovulating. Where I am exuberant, outgoing and charismatic to everyone around me. It is more of a luscious, me time, spa day feeling. Like the DNA spiral and mirroring all of creation, we have times when we are connecting with others outside of ourselves and then there is the time to connect with the deeper parts within. This is the time to go deep within and just become receptive. Be gentle with yourself, go to sleep earlier, wake up with just a little more time to reflect in the morning or take that twenty minute nap, eat healthy foods and be open to allowing detox. When cramps common make the intuitive decision to either dance to let the blood flow to your pelvis and stop imagining the pent up emotions leaving your body or rest and allow your muscle to completely relax, allowing yourself to feel completely safe.

Talk Less, Listen More

When you are on your blood time it is completely normal to want to talk less. You are more sensitive during this time, allow yourself to be soft with others. No where did the women of the planet sign up to have to act a certain way in society to “get by”. Allow yourself to be more receptive take time to reflect and talk less. Observe more and allow yourself to feel each situation with great intimacy, greater truths will surely be revealed and you will be relieved from pushing yourself and therefore have an easier cycle.

Connect with Healing Womb Practices

When you are not on your cycle there are healing tools you can use to help you for when your cycle does come:

  • Yoni Eggs – Jade eggs have been a yoni strengthing and beautifying secret throughout the East for thousands of years. These eggs are inserted inside with a string attached for easy removal (insertable when not bleeding), they strengthen the vaginal walls to have less cramps during your moon and more pleasure while love making!
  • Carnelian – This stone comes in an orangey-red assortment an vibrates at the resonance of the sacral chakra. These crystals will help to cleanse and balance your sacral chakra energy.
  • Crystal Pleasure Wand – Better than other alternatives, unlike other please tools that do not have a “living” property, crystal has a vibratory state to it (unfortunately not that type of vibration) but it is able to hold thoughts and intentions which can intensify and heal your connection with your yoni! Great for by yourself or intentional practices with your partner 😉
  • Yoni Herbal Steams – When not bleeding Yoni Herbal Steams have been used to dislodge stuck energy and debris with the womb and vaginal space. I love Adina Rivers perspective a My Tiny Secrets Here is a specific How to Video but I wouldn’t recommend using a plastic sits bath since this might shower your beautiful yoni with BPA from the plastic!

My prayer is that this article can be the start and journey to connecting you to your power and connection center as a woman! I also pray, that we keep sharing these valuable secrets to light up the grid of connection and the women’s circle once again; to bring into the light the amazing abilities of our beautiful temples!

In Health and Healing,

We are one, Jocelyn


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