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Last night, I had this buzz.

It was very electric feeling and pulsing through my body, almost like when you bite metal when you have fillings.

I didn’t sleep until 3:30 to 4am in the morning.

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When I woke, it was a foggy morning and my head felt foggy as well.

I could feel a headache coming on.

I did some work on the computer, Kevin was out with a friend and so I decided to walk away from the computer and draw a nice hot bath with epsom magnesium salts and some lavender. Put on some jazz music and sweet Kane and I took a bath. He played with his multi-colored tug boats while I laid in the cleansing waters, rubbing my neck muscles with an intention based healing herbal cream and anointing myself with soothing oils.

I then went on the chi-machine and QRS mat, to help release and create movement.

It is the New Moon, I have just completed bleeding. I feel because I didn’t prepare for rest during the New Moon time, my body is asking me to be gentle with it so that I can be a clear channel for the messages I need to hear during this time. I am listening now, I am slowing down now. Today was beautiful although I was in pain the majority. It was beautiful because pain allows me and is a que from my body that it is time to slow down and listen. That the time for production has slowed and the time for integration is about. It is the permission slip to engage in self care which is so needed at this time. I go back to the basics, take it slow, stay in the moment and there is such a tender bitter sweet experience that is created.

I don’t have much dialog in my head now, I just witness what is needed in the moment.  Become quiet and listen.

So I went an watched the sunset, admired the sacred geometry in nature and soaked in the Earth’s aura.

I want you to see all of me, even on the days that most on social media would hide.

I AM transparent.

We all have fluctuation, it is only damaging if you let these waves define you.
Does the ocean define itself by it’s waves, does the sky by the moving weather or even the mountains that shift over thousands of years…

Feeling tender yet still have a heart full of gratitude for this physical vessel, the body I am privileged to call my temple.

Welcoming the messages from this New Moon.


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