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There was a huge influx of energy that came through around August eighth of this year. This portal has been called the triple eight portal or Lion’s Gate, if you haven’t heard the basic proponents to this star configuration, see my article that was release before and during the event by clicking here. This article is going to be what I received through opening my channel for the day. Keep in mind this is just one interpretation of thousands of different perspective but if you are curious please continue to co-create this mental exploration with me.

I am going to start with the basics, of how these waves of energy can even affect the physical realm, let alone consciousness. Everything within our universe is here within visible reality because it is rattling at different frequencies. Cymatics is the study of frequency affecting and shaping physical matter. A great example of this we can see in Cymatics, this is a multifaceted example below or click the second video link for a quicker and more clear view of how Cymatics work.

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If you look at all of the ancient tales of how time began, religion and even scientific a theory they all have this theory that sound or more specifically all of existence is formed from expanding waves. Now I want you to zoom out and picture the planets within our galaxy being these tiny pieces of sand just like you watched in the videos above, responding and rattling to these massive galactic waves of energy and/or sound moving throughout the cosmos. Frequency aligns our planets into specific arrangements to embody specific messages.

HormoneOur body, our cells and brain are also all affected by these frequency shifts. Our thoughts and emotions are waves of energy as well, so much so, that they can be mapped with electrodes by neuroscientist. In actuality, although we can not see our thoughts or feelings immediately in physical form, they are a infintescently tiny forms of physical reality. For example, hormones are the physical forms of the etheric realm. What you are observing streams into your mind and your body responds by producing chemicals that conduct your physical actions. Deliberate conscious decisions to shape your mind like in this moment mindfulness and medication shape the brain’s hormone production and response.

So how does this all add up with this specific influence? In a summary, the three major stars in Orion’s belt made a direct alignment hqdefaultwith the three Pyramids on Giza as well as Sirius aligning with the Sphinx. Simultaneously Sirius was in alignment with the grand central sun, hence why it was called the Lion’s Gate because this unlocked the frequencies of Leo (since we are in August) the Lion part of the courageous conscious human heart, the Solar energy along with our central sun and the Sphinx. This grounds this energy into the Earth grid symbolically but more importantly is the frequency from the sacred geometries being opened up and the impacts within our consciousness that will affect our human bodies.

We have passed through the symbolic eighth month of the calendar year, the eighth day and eighth year in numerology. The number eight since the beginning of existence has stood for abundance, the symbol of infinity. It is also the sacred geometry we see in all of life on a large and smaller scale, summarized as Pi, Your Energy field, Your DNA, The Golden Mean, The Fibonacci Spiral, Yin-Yang, Black Hole with the Torus center and The Torus.

hqdefault (1)If you look throughout history you will see a united stream of consciousness. For example, there was no way of communication from the days of building pyramids yet we see similar forms of this same structure throughout the world. Even closer to our day and age revolutionary minds like Einstein, Tesla and Edgar Cayce showing us how to use the mind in ways we have never seen before. Another wave is coming through that will change the way we look at humanity and society as we know it. In ancient times there were many matriarchal hierarchies and now we have been dominated by the patriarchal hierarchies and we are starting to see this starting to this shifting to recalibrate into a centering and balance.

Our society is beginning to shift in major ways we have never seen before. Scandals and hidden agendas within governments and people in power have been pouring into the public eye, forcing an awakening and awareness in the people. Information about the suppression of the human spirit through environmental and health toxins on our planet finally being revealed. Cancer and diseases like autoimmune are on the rise, a mirror of the beings on the planet deliberately attacking themselves mentally, thus resulting in the attack of our larger home, the Earth. People are being accepted in any form as androgyny and different forms of sexuality emerge. In the same sense the Earth is shifting from apparent polarities as our poles are starting to slowly shift as we speak. This is all mirroring this new “wave” of consciousness and shift throughout of universe.

If you look at the information innovative modern scientists like Nassim Haramein are bringing through, you will see the clear link. Mayan-CalendarNassim talks about the true meaning of the Mayan calendar relating back to solar cycles. With talking to natives Nassim says that the true meaning of the end of the Mayan calendar is not an end of the world type scenario but an ending of the solar cycles as we have known them for thousands of years. Nassim says the Mayan say the Sun will begin becoming more active and therefore cause many changes on the Earth as we know it. We are crossing a galactic wave of energy from the center of our larger universe we are cycling through as a solar system orbits around it. This is an interesting theory considering the sun has already since 2012 been much more active than we have ever seen it. An interesting twist and addition to what maybe causing global warming.

Yet the biggest message for me that I am pleased to be receiving is that the truest part of the human spirit is soon to be released if you “attune” yourself to these new waves coming through. I am seeing science simultaneously discovering this one, with ultrasonic 3028124-poster-p-dnawaves now being used as medicine to clear brain alkaloids of people with Alzheimer’s disease in Australia (This discovery was a few weeks before 8/8). This showing that humanity’s collective consciousness is shifting to becoming aware of the true power of vibration. The most important thing to be aware of at this time is your emotions. Your emotions are vibrations, they are physical informants as hormones that direct your cells to either keep creating healthy cells or to mutate into disease like cancer. Stress whether it be physical, chemical or emotional stress interferes with your natural healing processes, this is integral down to the level of your DNA.

I have heard so many talk about the feeling that we are living in the times of the end of days. This is the end of the days as we know it and the coming of a new age and a new Earth. The Earth is going to start going through it’s transformations and we must prepare our mind and body to have the resources need to ascend if you would like to stay within this dimension of reality. The key is to start a practice to wash away stress and the outside world and activate the center within you.

Since the sun is also tied into the anatomical solar plexus, there is information about a new level of understanding regarding this area solar_plexus_chakraof the body. Use your diaphragm as an indicator of where your thoughts and emotions are vibrating. Are you unconsciously holding your breath, taking shallow, short breaths or breathing with ease, taking long deep inhales as well as exhales with no tension? This is your center that fluctuates all of the etheric energy in our existence into your cellular realm. This is your power center, when you connect to this center you connect to the knowing of why you have incarnated on this planet in this moment to assist the shift and how to move forward.

The key is to start monitoring your thoughts and emotions, use them as your guide. Are you feel stressed or frustrated, change your environment or perspective, shift your frequency. Need assistance? Integrate food that will help you to vibrate higher and clear mental plaque, eat organic wholefoods as much as possible , cut out toxins. Integrate foods that translate the energies from the sun into your metabolism and cells, like maca, spirulina, chlorella, chlorophyll and vitamin D3, look up superfoods and adaptogens. These will help to soothe the sympathetic nervous system, the reptilian brain, that tells your body you are under attack and choose activities that turn of your longevity and infinity codes that tell your body to heal itself and regenerate. These are activities that put you in the space of joy, peace and bliss. This will then put you in your center and activate the physical parts of your body that will carry you into the new consciousness.

I have so much more information on this but am going to leave this as a message that will hopefully be a first medicine for you. With so much love and connection, we are one.

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