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I completely astral travelled tonight for the first time ever.

I have had mini-experiences and maybe two grand experiences like this before in my life. When I was from the age of seventeen to until about twenty-four I used to have out of body experiences where I would spontaneously leave my body in different situations. At this time I was dealing with the emotional aftermath of my parent’s divorce, just leaving an abusive relationship, a new mother and lastly working as a chiropractic assistant and new patient coordinator. During this time any astral travel that I had been doing felt more like a protection mechanism, than an awesome venture into collective conscious.

I would always “escape” in times of high pressure, luckily I was always surrounded by what I would deem Earth angels who openly and unconditional understood my gifts and also personal struggles. In 2006 to 2008, I had a few close girl best friends who during being with my abusive partner at the time, would become sound boards for me to be able to really understanding my emotions. In 2008, I decided to shift my life away from that energy after conceiving and giving birth to my son. Conception was a chakra attunement and balancing to my entire being. Finally from 2010 to 2012, working for two years doing patient assessments allowed me to observe first had how emotional stressors in life would translate to certain ailments. Soon I would be able to tell what emotional patterns or thought patterns caused what ailment in people. This is when I started feeling the ethic realm on a very intimate level and started lifting myself out of body to separate myself from energy that was penetrating.

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I felt at the time my barriers for others where not strong and it would take a toll on my center and balance. That was until I started receiving about six months worth of chiropractic and started taking high levels of vitamin D, B complex and DHA. Then I was able to ground more in my body and no longer need to escape so much. That was when I was lead to do a fully two hundred hour yoga teacher training. It took about two weeks of vigorous daily Ashtanga yoga but one day in the line up, when I laid down in shavasana on the mat, sweaty after about two hours of hot yoga, I ascended. I closed my eyes and it felt like I had dissolved into billions of tiny particles. All I could see was a darkness that resembled the black you would imagine the center of a black hole or the center of the entire universe looking like. Instead of seeing my surrounding, I became them. I could feel everything in the entire universe summarised in a few minutes. I was the yoga studio floor, I was the dew dripping on the blade of grass outside, the gears in the car on the pavement, the wind passing by, everything. It was complete bliss and from that moment on, I knew, not only was God within me but also all of the Kingdom of God and the heavens was surrounding me. That, I was an expression of that fractal likeness and image.

Okay and there was this one time in 2013, where I was surrounded by angels but that was different 😉

Now to this moment, I have not experienced anything like this since 2012! I have been doing literally years of clearing work and finally have been called by the beautiful Gaia in Aotearoa to accelerate my light within. I had been really getting a call to attend my friends chakra workshop, this was the second of three of a chakra workshops I am taking. This specific class was on the different layers of the ethic body and being able to see and feel peoples auras. I have never attended classes specifically on enhancing or understanding spiritual gifts until this year and it has proven to really amplify the remembrance I have had since I was a little girl. In the class we were lead into a meditation where we pictured a ball of white light from our heart center, sent that light down into the Earth mother and then pictured the light going into father sky but meeting at the heart center.

When we sent the light down and brought it to my heart, tears came to my eyes and my heart toroidal field felt to increase immensely. A tear released and rolled down my left cheek, to me this was a symbol of the emotional plane releasing. The right side of our brains controls our feminine, creative aspects so it represents the creative and emotional side of our personality. This is reflected in the left side of our bodies. The feminine aspect being the first to release because it is the physical expression of Gaia or the Earth mother energy and a wave of unconditional love swept over me. Soon after a tear rolled down my right cheek symbolising the release of the mental plane. The left side of our brain controls our masculine, analytical aspects so it represents our logical mind, our mental drive and our physically active side. This is reflected in the right side of our bodies. The masculine or Father Sky energy is more expansive yet still holds a safe feeling just as the Earth Mother energy. With this feeling of being completely safe and completely in my heart, I completely surrendered.

When I completely surrendered, an electric like feeling struck my body and out of the channel of my spinal column a portion of my soul soared out of the top of my head and I could then see everyone in the room. I could see their expressions, where the meditation leaders was in the room and I had the quality or ability to almost fly around the room or look through different perspectives, although everything was a bit blurry, I was astral traveling. I can now feel that it is that lack of mental and emotional debris as well as complete surrender to the collective conscious or God conscious that allows us to be able to enter into this state of reality. The key is feeling safe and centered in the heart.

As a side note: In this class we also made energy balls to feel what energy looks like since most can not see energy fields, we also did a toroidal heart exercise where we merged fields with a partner and used our hearts to communicate and read each other’s energy. I hope one day we will get to the point of communicating in this way on a daily bases. I also hope to share with you in video form one day 😉

Infinite gratitude for your attention and affection beautiful mirror, happy and safe travels universe explorers…

The message from returning to my body, ” There is more than I know, I AM.”

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