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For centuries, for thousands of years the feminine has been suppressed. Now, before you turn and run from that statement alone or get a kick out of it by validating your beliefs, I kindly encourage you to read a bit further.

We are entering a time on our planet of feminine energy and presence rising, when the woman is finally being able to “take her power back” and the feminine energy with men is becoming more accepted at large.

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The feminine empowerment movement is all about “not needing a man”. This has a touch of truth since all true sustenance comes from within, we are completely whole within ourselves. But this ideology although close vibrationally to the truth, is worlds apart from true feminine empowerment in my opinion.

There is a glorification of hyper masculinisation in women in western society. The idea that we have to make up for lost time or prove that we are worthy in modern times. This is a natural result, a slingshot effect of being suppressed for so long. The response or imbalance to suppression becomes compensatory behaviour. Compensating for what has seemingly been lost, suppressed or confined. A feeling of needing to “prove” ourselves as a collective.

There was a time long ago, among the ancient sands of time when women were revered by men of power and influence for their fierce compassion. Her existence, her being an embodiment of the void. The great mother where all matter is birthed, where all are pulled to its magnetic vortex to be rebalanced and recreated. Inside each woman is this tremendous force; endlessly providing, ever silent, ever lastingly nurturing and providing.

If we look to archetypes of powerful women there is a thread woven throughout the stories of the past. In ancient Egypt of the story of Isis, she is the goddess depicted behind an empty throne, the goddess of fertility and longevity; the transcendence of death and the great mother of birth.

Her power was first in devotion to her beloved Osiris, the first king to ever be upon a throne on Earth. She was by his side ever in devotion until Set, Osiris’s brother in a jealous rage dismembered him into fourteen pieces. Isis with her immense love and devotion was able to use her magic to restore Osiris to his original form and from this remembering within their divine union, a son, Horus was born.

Osiris felt that Isis and Horus together could guide the people of the Earth without him and so he descended to the netherworld to assist the dead and those who in the etheric, have yet to awaken. Isis is often depicted with the throne behind her empty an embodiment of ruling the throne with no other. She is also shown breastfeeding Horus, the symbol of nurturing the generations of kings to follow.

Another archetype similar to Isis is Mary Magdalene, the supposed prostitute who washed Jesus’s feet before his crucifixion. She was also the first one to find Jesus’s empty tomb and his resurrected body. The legends of her go much deeper than the story the bible has to tell. In the dead sea scrolls she is known to be one of Jesus’s closest disciples and some gnostic scholars speculate her to be Jesus’s beloved. With her love she is said to have helped him develop his light body so that he would be able to ascend and transcend death itself.

The stories of Mary Magdalene upon Jesus’s ascension and resurrection are much like that of Isis that she continued her service to humanity even when Jesus had left the Earthly plane. Both of these archetypes share a poignant truth, one in their service to humanity and again in they were sustained in their service to their beloved and also when their beloved departed in service to all of humanity. These archetypes hold powerful information for the feminine to become truly empowered, in wholeness and as an embodiment of God.

Both of these examples provide a powerful guide stone as woman to the pathway of balance and connection. The formula to radiate your true essence in a potent yet graceful way. I have seen for hundreds of years a woman value herself simply upon the service she can offer a man. We have had to exchange services of nurturance for livelihood. We have been traded as goods or had to cook clean and sexually perform or provide to have a roof over our heads.

There are two perspectives often personified by the feminine aspect of the collective at this time. One is to suppress themselves to dissolve and bow down in a subservient fashion to the masculine. This would be the woman who does not know who she is and is constant service to the masculine. She is constantly longing for him to be by her side and be in need of her. The other end of the spectrum is to puff themselves up to be “as good as” the masculine. This creates an inaccessibility to the feminine that suppresses the natural gift of nurturance. Both are an expression of imbalance, both call for more reflection of either compassion of self or compassion of another.

If you look to the archetypes of Isis and Mary, what they both have in common is service without need of return because they know that love is sourced from within and with that stream of unconditional endless love comes the potency of true feminine medicine. This is not to say that you forgo all personal needs or “personality” but that your love or service is not dependent upon the receiving of the gifts being offered as well the gifts are sourced from a place that is they are not received or returned that you will stay autonomous or nurtured within your own field.

The true power of the feminine is in her ability to love, her ability to have absolute and unwavering devotion to her beloved, children and humanity at large. When she devotes that power of love to one, she offer a space for him to heal and expand to be seen as God himself.

She is able to give endlessly because she knows she is the source of love herself, she knows that she can sustain herself even when he is not present. She knows he is just an extension of herself.

The masculine who has awakened is waiting for the woman to step out of her solitude, out of her victimhood and own personal needs. He needs her to realise that she is enough, that she is worthy and she is God herself. If women stay in their wounds, the masculine can only respond in two different ways needing to apologetically lower himself to heal the feminine so that she can be seen or in the continuation of the past imbalances needing to preserve himself and so he continues to belittle her in an effort to contain his power and rebalance himself.

I bow at the feet of the awakening masculine, not because I am lower or beneath him but because my love for him and his ability to expand, penetrate and prosper is so immense. Because he is secretly yearning and longing to be seen, felt, honored, loved and offered space to expand together.


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