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There I was feeling like the energy usually seated within my body, in other words my soul, was floating outside of my body. As I helplessly, watch everyone and everything moving in slow motion around me. Disoriented, this feeling that life is a virtual reality. I am remote viewing my environment by seemingly flying above my head, peering in at my own life, as it buzzes effortlessly around me. “How do I come back to myself?”, I think nervously.

In typical psychiatry or psychology this would be a text book case of dissociative disorder, a condition that involves disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity, or perception. Dissociative disorders are thought to be a defense mechanism for people who have suffered from any kind of psychological or otherwise emotional trauma. This could also be grouped in with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well.

For someone in a clinical setting it could take years of therapy depending on the depth of wounding of the incident that triggered the dissociation mechanism. So I say this as a disclaimer, this is merely a practice that has worked for me! There are no trial studies or conclusive evidence other than my heart-centered soul writing to you from my experience and the only other proof that this may work being ancient healers or medicine people would help heal people for thousands of years with this same practice. Depending on the severity and your own unique healing process this may not work for you at all, it may work slowly over time as you implement the practice or instantly! Every being’s healing process is incredibly unique.

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I am not here to examine your problem specifically or to label this clinically, I am here to talk about my medicine. The process of how I walk my soul back home when I feel it wanting to leave or when it has seemingly left my body. The ancients used to look at the body in two different forms or states of being, the physical body and then the etheric or astral body. The astral body was called your co-walker in Celtic lineage, it was the separate element that would animate the physical body in an unseen realm. This spirit is the one that can journey to other worlds even when you are currently in your physical body, for example in a dream or perhaps a vivid daydream.

The shamanic healers of the olden days would say that when a person has a shock, whether it be because of significant injury or emotional or mental trauma, it can cause the astral body to separate from the physical body. This was called soul-fragmentation or soul-displacement. Soul fragmentation is sometimes very subtle, it runs in the emotional undercurrents of life and can be caused from emotional stressors such as jealousy or hatred from another, as well as areas where you have given away your power or feel you do not have control in the situation. Different from soul loss which would present more as a coma or a non-responsive state.  The symptoms and characteristics the shamans would be indications: depression, apathy, recurring illness, mental disorientation, memory problems, and uncontrollable emotions.

When a healer would see this type of energetic imbalance in a person they would assist the wounded or fragmented soul by travelling into spirit realms to help to retrieve the soul fragments or the lost aspects of their ethereal body. You can have someone else help in the retrieval of these aspect (Make sure it is someone who has experience with soul retrieval) or (and I think this is the best part) you can be your own healer and call back all of the aspects that have been separated from your soul. This may require practice, if you are not accustomed to meditation or visualisation on a regular basis and for others it will come quite natural.

Here is the step by step of how to do a Soul Retrieval Ceremony or Visualisation:

  1. Make sure that you are in an environment that you will be able to keep concentration in, for some this could be in the middle of a crowded room, for others it will easier and more suitable to have a catered environment with little to no distractions.
  2. Close your eyes and put your focus on your breath. Is it hurried, normal or slow? Balance your breath to a normal rate if it is not already at a relaxed pace.
  3. With your eyes still closed, scan your body internally, starting with the muscles in your face imagining them releasing tension, slowly drift down the body, placing a gentle awareness on any areas that may be holding tension and asking the tension to gently release.
  4. Feel your body start to completely relax and start to feel the place where the air or empty space meets your skin. Imagine that all around the surface of your skin there is a white light surrounding you.
  5. This light starts to grow and with it imagine exhaling all of the current problems, stories or timelines into the ether around you, outside of this encircling light around your body. You are clear and ready to receive.
  6. For this next part, you can use the visualisation of your heart being an empty space for you to collect the unintegrated pieces once again or a crystal of your choice (I have found amethyst and quartz to be the most potent). Let your imagination open and ask for your astral body to take you to any dimension or time that you have lost any specific aspect of yourself.
  7. Naturally opening your mind, notice any shapes, visions or feelings that start to pop up in your mind and follow the flow. It may not be a location on Earth, the places may have different landscapes or may even be as simple as a specific color or be mostly feeling based. The important part is that you take the imprint of that place and reintegrate what you feel it is tell you you had lost, back into your heart (here is where you can use the crystal if you do not want to use your heart directly).
  8. You can go to as many places as feels natural for you but keep in mind that you may have some symptoms of tiredness or fatigue after, therefore it is very important to take this process slow and feel into each retrieval as you go.
  9. After you have integrated the pieces accordingly, imagine your astral body coming back into our physical body. Take as much time as you need.
  10. Visualise the white field around your body once more sealing in the once lost (but now found) aspects of your soul and protecting your new level of wholeness.
  11. Start moving your body slowly and imagine yourself coming back into movement, lastly opening your eyes.

This practice has been a beautiful way for me to slow down if I am having an anxiety attack, to come back t myself if I am feeling displaced or out of sync with my typical life force energy. It is an offering not just from my heart but from the collective healing of all of our ancient ancestor’s pasts. My prayer is that with this practice you can call back your power, your birthright of feel safe within yourself, start writing the narrative to your life and living from a more heart-centered reality.

Loving you deeply soul family,

Jocelyn Daher

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