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That is what our culture calls it when someone who was seemly “normal” breaks out of the typical adult mold and sprints back to the spirit of when they were teenagers.

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My question is >>>
Why isn’t anyone ever interested in the back story on why this happens?

This is what I have observed from this, we are told in our society that the only time we can live out our passion, what we truly are at the center of our being, is at a young age. Probably what will turn out to be not even fifteen percent of your life. We have television shows, magazines and marketing all supporting the premise of life is only good when you are a teenager or young adult, between the age of eighteen to thirty.

And then what?
Our culture puts you in the corner for the rest of your life.
You are deemed uninteresting and the worst part…devoid of a sex drive.

You are told by society that at thirty there is no more permission to do anything outside the norm. You should have a nine to five career with benefits for the family, a husband or wife and at least starting to think about children, if you haven’t had them already. All packed in a row house with all the typical toys (sport car, jet ski, pool table) you get the point. Because of this you have to sacrifice what you once knew for daily routine but it never happens quick enough for people to notice. Don’t get me wrong some people truly enjoy this lifestyle. They feel they have explored their passion when they were younger or maybe have made peace with their past and enjoy being the provider and caretaker unbeknownst to them, fueling this process to happen once again in their children lives.

But there are THOSE few, that slip through the cracks, the facade of a perfect life. Around thirty or so they mindlessly shuffle into this mass painted societal portrait. They sign up thinking it is a one way ticket to happiness. They fall into a deep sleep walk, forgetting and sacrificing who they were, slipping on the mask for a life in unbeknownst picket fence bars.

But you see one day after years of this slumber…
They wake up…

Therefore it can not be put in a cage.

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